About Us

We (Seamus, Cate, Zoe and Boomer) moved to the Portland Roads Beach Shack early in September 2010 to care-take the place for Alan and Liz who own it.

This was a change for us – we have made a  commitment to stay here until the end of 2012 at least. For the 4 years previous to this we had slowly been travelling around Australia slowly and cheaply in our lovely OKA, house-sitting among other things.

Cate and I build websites for a living so we planned to work on our businesses (Boldacious WebDesign and  Serendipity Projects), caretake for Alan and Liz and explore the local areas.

We’ve also discovered that this is sandfly and mosquito heaven. We didn’t like using DEET products on either Zoe, our daughter or ourselves, so searched for a safer alternative that worked and eventually found Mosiguard and now sell Sand Fly and Mosquito Repellants and Remedies that work better and are safe, naturally!

Well four years on and we have left Portland Roads and moved to Mareeba in July 2014.

You can find us on