Q. Can I visit Cape York in the wet season?

A. Yes, you can visit Cape York in the wet season.

Most people think that it is impossible to visit Cape York in the wet season. It is true that the major rivers flood, cutting off road access.

However you can still explore the Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park, Portland Roads and Chili Beach. Forget your vehicle and take a flight from Cairns.

1. Hire a 4×4 from Lockhart River Car Hire and stay at the Portland Roads Beach Shack, or

2. Hire a 4X4 campervan from Lockhart River Car Hire and camp at Chili Beach,  or one of the designated camping spots in Iron Range National Park.


The road from Lockhart River to Portland Roads does not cross any major rivers. It is graded and well drained, so the rains do not make it impassible. Occasionally Chili Creek may rise and make the crossing difficult, but it is tidal so will recede within an hour or two.


Skytrans flies in to the Iron Range Airport at Lockhart River 4-5 days a week.


Lockhart River Car Hire has a fleet of vehicles that are utilised by workers in the area in the dry season.
Paul and Laney
Piva from Lockhart River run the local family owned business.