Tonight I was walking boomer and these days I always check for eye shine between the shore and the mangroves
I was just thinking that I am starting to think of the little fellow as our pet croc
then I saw red eye shine, but it was not in the water
It was over under the bushes near the monument
I thought it couldn’t be a croc up on land but it was distinctly 2 very bright eyes,
I wanted to inspect, but my instinct brain was sending adrenalin through me and imagining me getting close enough to see a croc then it snapping at me
Then one of the eyes wobbled and moved away from the other, then took off in flight!!! with a flapping noise
One eye stayed still so i got really close and it was a bird just sitting there on the ground
It let me get quite close before it flew away
Title of this email was going to be the croc that flew – but that gives it away.

Worked out later that it was probably a Spotted Nightjar.