Copulating Carlia longipes – Mon 1st Nov 2010

Watching vigorous sexual intercourse whilst having a shit in the morning should have been disturbing, but strangely enough it wasn’t. I was observing 2 copulating carlia longipes (skinks) – it was fascinating.

Carlia Longipes

Carlia Longipes outside the toilet

The male started chasing the female, and when he caught her by the tail he looked as thoug

h he was he was going to eat her up tail first. He seemed to swallow about 5-6mm of tail then suddenly jumped and caught her just in front of her rear left leg. He held her firmly in his jaw for a while.

She kept trying to get away, until he flipped her over and got sort of sideways over her. They would be quite still for a few moments the he would spasm (I presume ejaculating), then it would start over again.

Finally she twisted around and bit him on the side (seemingly in a very gentle manner) – he let go or she escaped I’m not sure which.

She scuttled away but he swaggered around for a while with his genitals up in the air off the ground and his tail held strongly up in the air behind him. Although he was swaggering it looked very much as though his genitals were extremely tender if not painful.

All of this lasted for at least 5 – 10 minutes I would say.