Restoration Island – the ultimate Wwoofing experience

Restoration Island view from Chili Beach

Dave's place on Restoration Island viewed from Chili Beach

Portland Roads is the access point for Restoration Island which is just a quick boat ride across the water.

Restoration Island is listed in the Wwoofing directory. In February 2010 this Wwooofer called to find out if Dave was taking anyone. He said no since it was the wet season and he was going away, but after a chat about his skills they struck a deal for him to caretake his place while Dave was away for a few weeks!

He had an amazing experience, having this peaceful, tropical paradise all to himself for 7 weeks. White sandy beaches lined with palm trees backed by rainforest. Friendly neighbours took him fishing and he got to know the local aboriginal people from nearby Lockhart River. His adventure included experiencing a cyclone and being stalked by a croc. Cyclones are common in the wet season, a regular occurrence that the people of Cape York take in their stride.

Restoration Island is home to our neighbour Dave Glasheen. Dave gets media attention for advertising on RSVP for a mermaid to share his paradise home. The media are fascinated by his lifestyle living alone on this island, he would like a girl Friday, but he would prefer the news reports to help him find investors to develop the island as a tourist mecca.

Any development would be eco-friendly, preserving the beauty of this paradise. Dave is open to options but it could be an exclusive eco resort where visitors can enjoy the tranquility of a tropical island with access to the Great Barrier Reef as is Lizard Island.

For any prospective mermaids out there, there is some company at the small settlements nearby Portland Roads with about 10 houses, Packers Creek with about 5 and nearby Lockhart River which has a post office, supermarket and health centre. There is an airport at Lockhart River which flies out to Cairns 5 days a week.

Restoration Island looks across the water to the beautiful Chili Beach. A popular camping spot for people exploring the Cape in their 4×4.

The island has historical significance as the landing place for Captain Bligh in 1789. It was their first landfall after the mutiny on the Bounty at Tahiti where they were set adrift in a small boat. The name Restoration was appropriate since they were restored by the fresh water and feasting on seafood. Also the date was the anniversary of the Anniversary of the restoration of King Charles II.

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