Calm morning, bananas and coconuts – Sun 17th Oct 2010

Another beautiful calm morning – Geoff told me that this was a typical wet season day – sea as calm as a millpond in the morning and windy during the afternoon.

bananas in bunch outside kitchen

Had my bananas fresh from the bunch for breakfast.

Watched a coconut man trim all the coconut palms (part of the local council beautification scheme for Portland Roads)

It was fascinating to watch – he climbed up with sharp spikes on his boots and a rope around his waist, then clawed his way up the tree, carrying chainsaw, big pruning saw and a myriad of other weird and wonderful tools.

I later grabbed quite a few coconuts for us for later on!

Gregor told me that he always keeps one in a dinghy – good food source in emergency.

Our coconut stash