Out to the MotherShip – Sun 17th 2010

Beautiful calm morning- watched the local croc float lazily up and down in front of the house.

Crocodile at Portland Roads

The mothership had arrived so I bravely went out where no Seamus had ever trod before. Used Alan’s penis err outboard extender for the first time. This is a clever device (a bit of plastic tube) that fits over the throttle thingy of the boat so one can stand up towards the centre of the boat and thus keep the nose of the boat down a bit on solo trips. Works quite well, although I did nearly throw myself overboard at one stage. So I loaded up an empty gas cylinder onto the trolley, wheeled it down in the water to the boat and put the cylinder in the boat.

Then out to the mother ship, where I had to wait in queue (ya know there’s no fucken handbrake on a boat!) – anyway bounced off a few boats, talked to Ian from Wattle Hills then moored and asked what to do? I had to go up to the captain’s quarters, introduce myself to Gavin, ask about my account and what the usual protocol was. He did not have our account on his computer, but was happy enough to write it down on a post-it note and give me a new gas cylinder.

This all got sorted and I headed back to shore – and actually went fast – I think I even had full throttle for a second or two!