Crabbing – Sunday 24th Oct 2010

Alan and I decided to take the dory out for a crabbing and fishing trip.

We had the carcase of a Coral Trout Alan had caught a few days previously to use for bait.

As we started out, it commenced raining, then pouring, then really storming so hard the rain was hurting my eyes and I could hardly see. We had headed south(ish).

Alan was rather vaguely giving directions “Over there” and he would point around here and there. We ended up going up quite a small creek, dropping crab-pots off as we went. We kept driving (or whatever one does in boats) til a tree blocked out path – I had a little panic attack, but managed to do a 17 point turn without offending any dangerous under-water creek monsters. Left the crab-pots there and went into another creek. This was left past a sandbar and then a sharp right to miss a big rock, then up the creek. It was in the mangroves and mangrove creeks on an incoming tide, when the water is pretty clear, are very beautiful things. I didn’t bring a camera – but I will next time.

Alan put his line out for barra and I practised driving the boat. Alan got a couple of bites but no fish, so we went back to check the crab-pots.

The third pot had a nice sized one in it – very yummy looking.

Then headed back over the big wide ocean again -this time the waves had come up pretty big. Alan said that other than being as slow as a wet weekend I was quite good. The waves were fairly big and I wasn’t how easy it was to tip over the boat – pretty hard it seems.

A good day – and delicious crab for dinner!